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Personal Training

I want to help you to become the best version of yourself, in the most effective way possible!

Effective for me is not what latest studies telling us. The most effective is what you can see in yourself and enjoy what you do for your own health and body. All my services are built around one main thing:

To reach your goal, feel good, stay fit, healthy and motivated for a future.

PT Gear I want you to know how to carry it all on by yourself, to be well in your own way to the physique and mental desire stay always into your mind. But most of all you will walk away with a new LOVE for training.

Even if you think any kind of exercise is the worst thing in the world, together we will build you a program from the ground up that will transform your physique and introduce you to new way to workout. With or without much change as we have to until we found something you love. Once you love it, it will stay all your life with you. So if that sounds up your alley, take a look at my webpage IBIZA FUEL FOR LIFE and get in touch for a free consultation.


The basic form of movement. The best way to spend excessive calorie intake. Combination walking and strength exercises is the best way to success.


Increase muscle mass Increase muscle volume and functional Training with the own weight


Cardio activity influences weight loss, regulates fatty precipitation, regulates cholesterol and triglyceride. Positive effect on the heart and is an integral part of every quality training.

Healty &Food

Without proper nutrition is not possible to have a good results. Slimming effect of a balanced diet is 70% and training only 30%. Very important issue at training of Hypertrophy. *According to your wishes we can engage Nutritionist.

To inspire and encourage you !!!

This is the way and opportunity to know better know yourself!!!

Training is a way against the biggest enemy!!! (STERSS) To prove that there is no person who is not for Fitness!!! Because a healthy body is home of healthy and pure mind, and healthy and a pure mind the way for a better and happier life.